10 Plumbing Insights

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10 Plumbing Insights

Plumbing work is perhaps one of the most important housework along with an electrician. Faulty faucets and pipes can cause a flood not only for you, but for all the neighbors around you, which bodes huge cash costs. We will help you avoid a disaster by discussin the basic rules for the prevention of plumbing issues.

1. Examine the location of the shutoff valves.

Entering the apartment after purchase or repair, carefully study the position of the valves in the closed and open position. If necessary, you can make appropriate notes with a marker. Firstly, quick shut-off of water in the event of an accident will save valuable time. And, secondly, when leaving on vacation, you will definitely know where to turn which tap to be calm for the water supply system in case of an accident and turn off exactly what you need.

2. Find out the location of the pipes

Very often, water pipes are hidden in the wall and masked by various boxes and partitions. When you start nailing or drilling a wall, make sure that you do not get into the pipe in any way. If the house is new, but you do not know the location of the pipes. Invite the plumber - with the help of a special device, he will mark out the pipe passage pattern in the wall.

3.  Do not litter the toilet

Always remember that the toilet is not a bin. Many manufacturers position their products as easily soluble in water. It is not worth experimenting on your own toilet, removing the blockage is not a pleasant occupation, especially if it happened in an apartment building. Do not flush wet wipes, diapers and sanitary pads into the toilet.

4. Do not throw garbage into the sewer

A kitchen sink often becomes the site of food waste. To avoid problems with sewage blockages, make sure that large food debris does not enter the drain. Pipes leading to the riser are not intended for the passage of dense substances, they serve only as a conductor of water. In addition, regularly flush the system with special products against accumulated grease and plaque.

5. Get a good plunger

Sometimes blockages occur completely unexpectedly for the owners, and special fluids for cleaning pipes are not at hand. Make sure the plunger is always stored in the bathroom. Yes, it looks old-fashioned, but no one has dealt better with it than congestion.

6. Keep in mind the dry vacuum pump.

If the congestion in the bathroom happened due to the fault of the toy that got inside the drain, do not push it inside, creating even more problems. Keep in mind that there is a dry vacuum pump. It has great traction and can easily remove any item from your pipes.

7. Do not ignore leaks

Never ignore even the smallest leaks. They indicate a plumbing malfunction, which can cause a large flood. Change rubber gaskets in time and call plumbing even at the slightest malfunction.

8. Do not overtighten the bolts.

A common mistake is pulling bolts when installing plumbing. It is necessary to twist exactly until the pipe does not leak. Excessive effort can simply break the thread and cause a flood.

9. Get a plumbing tape

A plumbing tape is used to seal pipe threads to prevent leaks around joints. As a rule, before sealing, wrap the taping tape around the pipe thread three times. Also note that the white tape is for ordinary household plumbing projects, and the yellow one is for connecting gas pipelines.

10. Always check plumbing for leaks.

After each plumbing intervention, carefully check the connections for leaks by passing water through the system, then opening and closing all valves and drains. Even professional plumbers may miss a small leak, which requires additional sealing.
We hope the above mentioned tips are helpfull. In case you need help with any of the plumbing feel free to contact us


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