This question seems a little odd doesn't it? Because why in the world would your local plumber who specializes in pipes and faucets be able to fix your broken roof?

The short answer is no, a regular plumber can't fix your broken or damaged roof, but the long answer is yes, specific plumbers also specialize in other aspects of house upkeep such as roof repairs and even lawn maintenance.

Plumber To Your Door isn't your regular plumbing service because unlike other plumbing business we can provide you with so many different services, so we're the number one go-to service for most problems you can have around your house.

The main question we get asked is "how did my roof get damaged?" and this question is often hard to answer because living in Townsville, there are many things that can damage your roof and we thought we'd list just a few.

Harsh Storms

Heavy winds and rain can damage your roof if it has any previous damage or if your roof was improperly installed, but either way this can damage your roof through water getting in and rotting it from the inside. If you suspect your roof has any current damage, then you should book an appointment immediately to save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.

Damaged Gutters

Gutters and Downpipes are there to drain any excess water that falls onto your roof, preventing it from building up and causing water damage. However, if these become damaged or blocked in some way, then the water will continue to build up causing massive problems in the future.

UV Rays

Think of your roof as you think of your skin because like your skin, your roof is vulnerable to UV ray damage from the sun just like your skin is, Although your roof is much tougher than your skin it can still dry out and become damaged through constant exposure.


Large hailstorms can cause more damage to your roof than you think since big enough hailstones can dent your roof and damage the outer layer of paint, this makes it much easier for water to seep into your roof which can then cause massive amounts of damage.

Living in Townsville, there are so many ways your roof can become damaged, but that doesn't have to be a detrimental thing as Plumber To Your Door specializes in roof repairs and maintenance.

As it says in our slogan "We do it all" so if you have any kind of issue with your plumbing, water heater, roof or even need someone to maintain your lawn then call us on 0429 949 491.

If you have an after-hours plumbing emergency, don't panic because here at Plumber To Your Door we provide a 24-hour emergency service for anyone who needs it. So if you have a plumbing emergency call 1800 4PLUMBER and get immediate help for your plumbing problem.

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