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Do solar hot water systems need servicing?

Do solar hot water systems need servicing?

Hot water system maintenance is essential to extend the life of your hot water system.  Besides making sure it is working at its most efficient capacity, a system not serviced could also be costing you more on your bills.

Here is what you need to know:

Do all solar systems require the same servicing?

Depending on what type of solar system you have will determine what kind of service you will need. All have different solar components, such as different PV collectors on the devices. Some of the most common problems that need to be addressed are:

Shading - Shading can affect the system's performance and can occur many years after installation if surrounding trees have grown or vegetation has produced more shade.

Soiling - If you're in a dusty or more salty area of Australia, you can encounter many more soiling problems than in other areas.

Sealing - Regular cleaning can help make sure cracks haven't occurred. Where panels are damaged from wear and tear, they may require more sealing or glazing.

How often does my solar hot water system need servicing?

When you think about how often you use your hot water and how much you need it, having it inspected yearly is more than just a good idea. The hot water technician can inspect other plumbing areas in your home and recommend other repairs where needed.

They can check on corrosion issues and look for moisture growth which could be a sign of potential leaks which could damage your home. A yearly inspection will see possible damages before starting, which can save you money down the track.

How long do solar hot water systems last?

Generally, a hot water system will last 10-12 years, but you may get many more years out of your system with regular maintenance. Corrosion and scaling are other areas that technicians will want to look out for. When solar hot water systems have been installed with poor installation, they may be more prone to these two things.

1. Scaling - which becomes a big problem when water with solid mineral content is in use. Often known as hard water, when calcium and magnesium salts occur together, it causes scaling issues. In most occasions, this can be solved by adding softeners to the water. However, not all systems work well with softeners, so a qualified technician will be able to advise you on the best solution for your system.

2. Corrosion - which generally comes in the form of galvanic corrosion. This usually happens with the electrolysis of two metals. To take care of this issue, you want a technician to install non-metals into the loop. You want to have copper, bronze, plastic, or brass in the plumbing for open-loop systems. You would also want either plastics or glass lining in your storage tanks, if any.

Benefits of an annual service

If you annually service your hot water system, it will help in three major ways:

·      Reduce the need for repairs

·      Increase reliability

·      Increase the life of your hot water system

Besides having an annual maintenance check on your hot water if you're experiencing signs like temperature changes, strange noises or if you're running out of hot water frequently, it's time to call in an experienced technician. 

We can service all your hot water needs and are available 24/7 for any emergency repairs. Contact us today to make sure you'll have hot water all year round!


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