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How To Get Rid Of Drain Flies Australia?

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How To Get Rid Of Drain Flies Australia?

Drain flies are a drain pipe pest that can be extremely difficult to get rid of. If you have drain flies, then this article is for you! You will learn how drain flies live and reproduce in drains, about the different types of drain fly treatments available, and what products will work best for your home or business. This article contains everything you need to know about getting rid of drain flies.

Drain Fly Control Guide

Keep your drain clean by looking out for any organic matter that might be building up in the drain. Also, check your drain regularly for any blockages to ensure that water can quickly flow through it.

How to spot drain flies

Drain flies are small, black insects that love to live in drain pipes. Drain fly larvae feed on the slime inside drain pipes, which they create from dead organic matter such as food scraps or hair.

How do drain flies reproduce?

The drain fly life cycle is similar to most other types of housefly and consists of four stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Drain flies lay their eggs in drain pipes near food sources where they can easily access the larvae when it hatches.

Types of drain fly treatments

Drain flies can be treated using a variety of products, including drain traps and insecticides. Drain trap chemicals are designed to kill drain flies as they come into contact with it. Insecticidal drain cleaner kills drain fly larvae in the pipes but does not prevent further infestation because more drain flies will hatch from eggs laid in drain pipes.

How to get drain flies under control

For hard-to-reach drain flies, a professional drain cleaning service is highly recommended to thoroughly rid your drains of the larvae and prevent further infestation from occurring. For smaller drain fly problems around your house, you can buy an insecticidal drain cleaner from your local hardware store.

Drain Fly Treatment FAQs

Q: How do drain fly traps work? A drain trap's active ingredient is designed to kill drain flies as they come into contact with it.

Q: Will drain fly treatments keep drain fly larvae away forever?

No - drain flies will continue to hatch from eggs laid in the pipe, even when you use drain fly treatments.


Q: How do you prevent drain flies?

Drain fly larvae feed on the slime inside drain pipes, which they create from dead organic matter such as food scraps or hair. Keeping your drains clean will help to prevent infestation by drain flies and other types of drain pipe pests like black beetles & maggots (rust drain flies).


Q: How quickly do drain fly traps work?

Drain fly larval life expectancy is about 14 days, so drain traps should eradicate drain flies within this time. Q: What are the side effects of drain fly treatments? Side effects of drain trap chemicals can include skin and eye irritations if they come into contact with bare skin, eyes or clothing.


Q: How do drain flies climb out of drain pipes?

Drain fly larvae are able to walk up vertical walls in the drain pipe so they can leave if conditions in the drain become unfavourable for them, such as after using a drain trap.


Q: how do drain flies spread?

Drain flies are attracted to food and moist areas where larvae will be able to feed on organic matter easily. This makes drain fly prevention important in order to stop them multiplying inside your drains.


How to kill drain flies

First, you need a drain cleaner. The drain cleaner should be safe for your pipes and drains - make sure the label says it is. You'll also want some gloves and safety glasses on standby in case the drain cleaner splashes onto anything or anyone.

Step one: open the drain cleaner and pour it down your drain, making sure to cover every surface of the drain pipe. Let this sit for a few hours; we recommend overnight.

Step two: get some hot water (as hot as you can get) ready in a large bucket.

Step three: drain the hot water down your drain, using a cup or some other bowl to scoop out any chunks of gunk that are in there. Do this for about 20 minutes so all of the drain cleaner is washed away and you're left with just clean pipes!

Step four: if drain flies keep on coming, repeat the drain cleaner treatment once a week until you have no more drain flies.

We have all the experience, equipment, and drain knowledge you need to get drain flies under control. Get in touch with us today.



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