How To Protect Your Roof Against Raging Weather

How to protect your assets during storm

How To Protect Your Roof Against Raging Weather

It is that time of the year again. Rain, thunder and flooding. What would you do to prevent the damage? Some of the causes are minor but in other cases it can be severe not just to the property but to the wellbeing of the community. One major aspect of our daily lives which gets affected by the storm is the roof. In order to preserve what is the foundation of our security and wellbeing, we've compiled a list of things to act on in order to preserve one of the most vaulable assets in our lives. 

In Case The Sun Is Out and You Have a Good Week To Prepare:

1. Replace Damaged Roof Tiles

Roof tiles are the bits which are made of various materials such as metal, wood, asphalt or other wind and water resistant material. Over time they get damaged due to erosion and may create various nuissances such as leakages or even worse; structural degradation. If a tile is corroded it is more likely to break free and cause issues. 

2. Check Loose Metal Sheets 

In case your roof is covered with Colorbond metal sheets or similar it would be a good idea to make sure that all the pieces are secured in place. Consult with your local roofing experts! Again, wind and precipitation work together. 

3. Trees and Large Branches

Strong wind and variation in direction causes powerful gusts which can break even some of the most resilient strutctures provided by nature. Consider that extended or leaning trees can pose danger in volatile climate. 

It Is Raining and Your Neighbours are Performing Random Acts Of Roof Reinforcement:

1. Be Rational

Pull out your phone and start recording or, which is better, aknowledge the DIY with local professionals. Rely only on professional information regarding the state of your roof before reinforcing your roof with sandbags on a squeeky ladder. 

2. Stay Tuned In Weather Forecasts

Given the tropical climate, northern Queensland treats us with pleasant swim at the beach but on the other hand with the exposure to rusting. Various metals react differently given the circumstances and one should be catious about what his or her roof is made of. 

It's Crazy Out There:

1. Don't Panic

Easier said than done but that will save you your precious health and your wise dollars. Make sure that electrical appliances are within no reach of water. In case your roof starts leaking, call your local plumber and/or roofer immiediatley. DIY can cause grave consequences and should be treated with caution. 

2. Storms Can Go On For Days

Be resilient. Make sure you have essentials such as water, food, medicals and communication (to check if the neighbours sandbags actually work). You may find more information regarding shelter in this Queensland Government Link.


All in all, be safe and if you ever need help with Roofing Services in Townsville give Plumber To Your Door a buzz and we will advise on the situation.  


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