New Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know In 2020

New plumbing tips for households

New Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know In 2020

No one should ever have to deal with a leaking faucet low water pressure and clogged pipes. Unfortunately, plumbing is always least appreciated until it actually breaks down. If you are on this website then you most probably have called a plumber at one point or you are about to and for a good reason too. When something goes wrong with your plumbing it is possible to feel helpless not having the skills or the tools for a DIY plumbing job.

Here are some plumbing tips that will get you through 2020 and years to come without major plumbing disasters.

Know where your shutoff valves are

When moving into new houses it is always best to know where the shut-off valves are just as you do for electrical controls. In case of a flood, shut off the electricity first then the water supplies whichever is closer but be sure not to touch electrical fittings while stepping in a pool of water and using wet hands.

 Avoid puncturing pipes

If there is an exposed pipe that you feel runs the risk of getting punctured, assume that it will happen (Murphy's Law). Also when doing some other projects that require pounding nails into walls and drilling make sure to avoid areas where pipes might be running.

Don't flush just anything down the drain

Do not use your toilet as a trash can. Flushing solids down your toilet eventually leads to nasty clogs.

Don't dump your garbage down the drain

It is very tempting to dump ground coffee, bacon grease, vegetable peelings and other starchy foods like rice and potatoes down the drain. These sticky foods will accumulate and eventually clog pipes.

Befriend the plunge

There are times when the plunger saves the day and you don’t really need to call in an expert. High-quality plungers will save you some pain and mess if not money.

When to use the vacuum cleaner

Suppose a child's toy stuck down the drain, using a vacuum cleaner in attempts to pull it up, will only push it further down the pipe making it even harder to remove.

Fix the leaks sooner

Study trips on fixtures and faucets indicate underlying major problems with your plumbing system. Not to mention that a leaky faucet can waste up to twenty five litres of water daily which is a lot of water. The same goes for a running toilet which can waste up to 500 litres daily. You would be literally throwing money down the drain.

Don't overtighten fittings

For hardcore DIY plumbers being overzealous is a common mistake full stop over-tightening of fittings and connections leads to broken parts and stripped screws.

Acquire plumber's tape for emergencies

A simple Teflon tape helps you avoid a major disaster and expressing lyrics out loud. It is so effective that no plumber will go out without it.

It’s a wrap

That's pretty much it for this edition and we hope that with those few tips you can be your own first line of defense for all plumbing problems around you. Do you know of most surefire plumbing tips that have helped you maneuver major obstacles please do let us know.



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