What To Do When There Is a Flood?

What to do when there is a leak?

What To Do When There Is a Flood?

There is always a chance that something can go wrong with the plumbing system in a home. Statistically, every house or an apartment experiences the neglect of a neighbour who forgot to turn off the bath tap and let the water eventually get to another premise (or self). In other times it is the damaged roof or degradation of the pipes in a home which causes the problem.
Don't Panic.
So your apartment is getting flooded and you've just put on your favourite show. There is water on the floor and your are in dilemma. The thought process should start with whether it were the neighbours that that are flooding you or was it you. Then you should ask was it an opened tap, blocked drain, or break down of a water heater and what are the potential damages. 
So if it is a ceiling then it could be somebody else's fault then you should take correct steps to evaluate the damage and consider a compensation via the insurance company or dircetly from the the person who caused the damage in the first place. In case it is a roof leak there is a number of approaches to take as well. 
1. Immieadetly after the discovery of the flood you will need to find the source of the leak and close it off. Turn off the taps in your bathrooms and kitchens followed by opening all the drains. 
2. In case you are unable to perform the above, call your local emergency plumber or your real estate agent. 
3. Place a container under the overhead leak. Use a bucket, plastic toy container or even a frying pan.
4. Do not forget to take photos of the leak and affected areas and items. This will enable you to collect evidence in case the matter escalates and there is 3rd party at fault and they refuse to cover damages.
5. When the water leak has stopped, attempt to collect any of the water on the floor using buckets and rugs. If the weather is right, open your windows to so that the water evaporates faster. In cold weather you may tunr on the heaters to help the process but be aware of electrical hazard. If the water is any cables avoid using connected electronics. 
If you caused the flooding, let your neighbours know as soon as possible. Hiding from the problem (and hoping it resolves itself) may bear severe consequeneces. Also take a photo of the damages you've caused as well that will protect you against exaggereted claims.  
Above mentioned tips are pretty much what you should be doin in a time of a flooded home or an apartment. Keep an eye out on your plumbing system and do your best to maintain in the best shape possible to avoid damages. 


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