Why experience matters in plumbing


You always hear businesses and companies bragging about how much experience in the industry they have or how much experience one of their workers has in a particular field, but does all that boasting really matter in the grand scheme of things?

In a lot of jobs such as working a checkout you can pick up all the necessary skills within a week of working and training, but plumbing is entirely different in those regards.

Here is why experience matters in plumbing

  1. High skill requirement

Plumbing, like any other trade, has a high level of skill that is required to do the job right and that amount of skill isn't learned overnight, it takes years of constant training, studying and working to achieve the level of expertise needed to do the job right.

  1. Problem-solving

Experience is also needed to develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking in stressful situations that you can't exactly prepare for by reading, you need to experience high-pressure situations firsthand to grasp how to handle them.

  1. Improvising

There will be times when the job won't go according to plan, and you'll need to think quick and improvise on the spot about finding a solution to the problem.

  1. Working with clients

You will work with many different types of people when you become a plumber and learning how to interact with different kinds of people is all part of the learning process. Some clients will be friendly and helpful, while others will be distant and sometimes confront you about pricing and work quality.

  1. Admitting you need help

You can't always do a job all by yourself and realizing you need a second pair of hands is nothing to be ashamed of, but younger workers may not want to do this since it will strike a blow to their ego.

When a business boasts about how much experience they have they aren't just doing that to brag, they're telling you this so you know they can handle any kind of situation that is thrown at them.

It's always a good thing if you want to help out a business that's just getting started and you shouldn't be discouraged at doing this, but for more significant issues such as burst pipes, leaks and water heater issues it's best left to those with the most experience.

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