Ever wondered why the colour might be different than usual coming from the tap?


We always think our water will be that pure clear colour, but sometimes certain things happen, and it becomes darker, which can mean a multitude of things.

Usually, it won't be a case of the water being poisonous or harmful, but it's always better to be safe than sorry, so if your water has become discoloured you should call your plumber. But why has it changed colour in the first place?

The water we use and drink can be subject to many environmental factors that can change it for better or worse and some of these could include.

Low Tank water (if applicable to you)

If your house is one that uses tank water for your washing machine and toilets than the most likely cause of a water colour change is if your tank has become low on water. At the bottom of every tank, there is debris that has gone through the above filter. These could include leaves, sticks and even mud.

Low Town Water

In times of drought, your towns water source will become low, and you may notice a slightly darker water colour than usual, since you will be getting small particles of dirt from the bottom of your local dam. If you're concerned about this than boiling the water before you use it will kill any harmful bodies in it.

Broken Pipe

Our counties plumbing system is more complicated than people give it credit for, but if a pipe breaks or just received a small crack then foreign substances such as dirt, clay and even insects can be sucked into the pipe and wind up in our water system. This can be fixed by your local plumber or council depending on how severe the problem is.

It's best to identify what the cause of your problem is before calling your plumber as this will save both you and them time in figuring out how to fix your plumbing issue, if it is something like a broken or damaged pipe, they should be able to fix it. However, if the problem is low dam water, then there isn't much they can do.

If your issue is low tank water than simply switching to town water until your tank fills up again is the best course of action.

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