Why you need a plumber for the rainy season

Why you need a plumber for the rainy season

It's been a wet start to 2021, with tropical cyclones devastating Australian coastlines. Tropical cyclones are considered one of Australia's most devastating weather events because they are hard to predict. What we do know is we're right in the middle of a La Nina Season and having your plumbing maintenance up to date is essential to protect your home.

According to The Bureau of Meteorology, we are officially in a La Niña season, forecasting an unpredictable summer of wet weather, flooding and cyclones.

While we have recently seen how savage this season can be, new research is predicting tropical cyclones may be due right through to April of this year.

Australia's long-range tropical outlook is still predicting six tropical cyclones in the next few months, with 64 per cent of average size and 36 per cent of above-average six tropical sized cyclones possibly to hit out shores.

With more wet weather looming, there are some ways to prepare your house.

Here's how:

Clean your gutters

Your gutters do more than catch water – the most important thing, however, is that they get water off your roof.

Without clean gutters, uncontrolled rainwater can:

·      Cause water damage to your sidings

·      Flood the areas directly underneath your roof

·      Force water through crakes and underneath tiles

·      Cause excess pressure which can crack tiles

·      Gutters catch the rain that lands on your roof and directs them to downspouts and stormwater drains.

Inspect the downpipes

Inspecting your downpipes is essential to ensure they are also in good working order and not clogged with debris or rusted. Check the brackets haven't also become loose, or there are holes from rust than need fixing.

Blocked drains

If you have been experiencing slow drainage, smells or gurgling sounds from your drains, the problem isn't going to go away on its own. They'll get worse with heavy rain, so don't delay getting a plumber to have a look at them,

Clean up the garden

A severe tropical storm is designated as a tropical cyclone when it reaches wind speeds of 64 knots (118 km/h, 74 mph). With wind speeds this fast, your backyard can be a dangerous place if you haven't secured and cut down overhanging branches, hedge trimmings and piles of leaves, all which could end up high on your roof and in your gutters.

Tree roots

While it's impossible to see roots entering your drainage system underground, it is the most common cause for blocked drains in Queensland. If your drains run slowly or are entirely blocked, have them CCTV drain camera inspected for roots before storm season begins.

Check your home and contents insurance

It's a good time of year to check that you're covered for adequate home and contents insurance and that it's not going to lapse over the summer months ahead.

If you're not sure what to do in the middle of a tropical storm, here are a few tips:

·      Here are a couple of things to take note of:

·      Create a safe place for your pets out of the storm

·      Disconnect all electrical items during a storm

·      Check that you have a stocked first aid kit and survival kit of extra water, canned foods, flashlights, matches, candles, etc.

For a full list of what to include in a survival emergency kit, check out the City of Townsville, Prepare Your Emergency Kit.

Whether you require emergency plumbing or plumbing maintenance, we offer a 24/7 call-out service at a fixed price, making any issues over the weekend or holiday period affordable.

We understand that some urgent issues can't wait for the beginning of the week to be fixed. The team at Plumbing To Your Door is readily available for weekend and holiday call outs.


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