Flexi Hoses

Flexi Hoses

Flexi hoses (flexible water hose) are usually found under the kitchen or bathroom sink and also connect to the toilet.  The hose is a flexible plumbing pipe that connects the main water supply to these fixtures.  Flexi hoses have an average life span of five years.  It is recommend that they are checked regularly and if any changes are noticed should be replaced immediately.  Old, damaged or leaking flexi hoses can burst at any time and cause major damage throughout your house.

To check your flexi hoses are still in good working order they should be of a good stainless steel colour and not frayed.  A good indication that your flexi hose needs replacing is that they are starting to discolour, may have rust spots and the stainless steal may be starting to fray.  

If in doubt call us on 1800 4PLUMBER and remember to always have a licenced plumber attend to any of your plumbing issues.


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