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Hot Water System Repair & Installation

Hot Water System Repair & Installation Services

When you are thinking of servicing or installing a new hot water system in the Townsville region look no further. Plumber To Your Door, one of Townsville’s largest installers of gas and electric hot water in North Queensland.

Hot Water System Installation & Maintenance

Hot water systems are a modern-day luxury that people have become accustomed to. Regular maintenance on one’s hot water system is often forgotten about until there is an issue, NO HOT WATER. Regular checks on your system can save money in the long run. Regular checks can pin point small leaks which can occur with older hot water system. Small leaks in hot water systems can hurt a person where it hurts, their wallets. Leaks can cause large electricity bills and excess water charges. It’s important that monthly checks are carried out. Call Plumber to Your Door today for advice on maintenance or new installs. 1800 4 PLUMBER (1800 4 7586237).

Electric Hot Water Systems

Plumber To Your Door and Reece Plumbing have teamed to provide a quality electric hot water system that has a standard 10 YEAR tank warranty. The Australian made Thermann Electric Storage hot water systems heat water in an insulated tank by an electric element, like a giant kettle. They’re quick and easy to install and are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your needs. Contact Plumber To Your Door today to discuss your electric storage needs. 1800 4 PLUMBER (1800 4 7586237).

Types of Hot Water System Installations:

  • Gas Instantaneous Hot Water Systems
  • Gas Storage Hot Water Systems
  • Gas Boosted Evacuated Tube Solar Systems
  • Electric Boosted Evacuated Tube Solar Systems
  • Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

The team at Plumber To Your Door can advise on a hot water system that best suit your needs. Gas, Electric or Solar, WE DO IT ALL.

Contact the team to discuss how we can solve your Hot Water issues.

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Common Hot Water Systems Problems and What to Do

If you have a hot water system, at some point in time you are probably going to have problems with it. No matter how well made or put together, anything man-made will break down. That is a given, one of the unwritten rules of life. It’s disruptive and bothersome, but there’s no need to get all stressed out about it. Solutions are on hand. What you need is a good reliable, plumber. Here at Plumber to your Door, we have seen to all types of hot water systems, electrical, gas fuelled or solar powered. We attend to plumbing in both the residential and commercial sectors. So, we would like to point out some common hot water systems problems and what to do.


What most people forget until they have problems with their hot water systems is that, like any piece of equipment that is in constant use, it needs to be maintained in good working order. Maintenance on a regular schedule can prevent sudden problems or nip small ones in the bud before they get worse and turn into real headaches. Undetected leaks can lead to larger energy bills too.

Safe Tray

Correctly installed hot water systems contain a safe tray and its purpose is to catch water leaking from the boiler. This is connected to a drain or has an automatic shut off valve. When this isn’t doing its job properly, it can result in a burst boiler and flooding. Call the plumber!

Lack of Water Pressure

Usually this is the result of an old worn out system that has to be replaced. It can be because of an unnoticed or unidentified leak, a faulty pressure regulator or a partially closed valve. Call the plumber!

Pressure Relief Valve

The pressure relief valve may be worn out. As you can guess by its name, it comes under a lot of pressure. It is easy to fix by replacing it, but if you aren’t a plumber, call one.


If your boiler has a leak, and they will all do eventually, then it has to be replaced. That is a job for a qualified plumber. The in and out pipes can crack or split with the constant heating and cooling. If it is a gas fired boiler, the igniter may be faulty or worn out. Gas fuelled hot water systems can be dangerous to tamper with, so leave it to the professionals.

Call the Plumbers

We have dealt with all the problems mentioned above and recommend that if you aren’t a qualified plumber yourself, leave it to the experts. We cover the whole range of hot water systems from residential to commercial.

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