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Leaking Taps: What You Should Know About It  

Leaking taps spells a lot more than tapping; it has plenty of more underlying issues that could happen if you don’t take care of it ASAP. At first glance, you may think that it’s only dripping. You may not have time to check it out. You may not have enough tools to fix or have it fixed. But that small drip is going to be a big dip into a well of problems without the proper fix.

There’s a good number of reasons why your tap is leaking. To think about it, your faucet shouldn’t be leaking in the first place.

Ways why your pipe is leaking:

  1. High water pressure
  2. Tree roots
  3. Corrosion
  4. Change in temperature
  5. Change in your home’s foundation

One of these things is a root cause of any leak, and if you’re not going to fix it, you’re in for a whole lot of trouble. There is one solution for that, though – any of the five listed above must be put under control to avoid any leaky issues on your taps through the long winding road.


Leaky Pipes or Taps Cause Big Issues 

Leaking taps can’t solve itself; so much more as ignoring the leak long enough that it’s going to wreak havoc for you and your home.

Significant problems that you will face: 

Water quality 

Since having a leaking tap, the water pressure isn’t as intense as before. As since there is a leak, the water system is damaged, so it’s already an entryway for any microbes. In that sense, it’s also a threat to your health; think about drinking from that same tap. The elements that are already swimming in there could cause you health issues if left unfixed.

Stained walls 

Now, this doesn’t usually happen from leaky taps, but it’s mostly possible with leaking pipes. Stained walls came from the water from those damaged pipes. Not only will the walls be affected by this but the structure of the home. The water will eat up any material in the way.

Invasive black mold 

Black molds are pretty dangerous and invasive. Things like this one happen when you have leaky taps or pipes due to the moisture created by the leaking taps or pipes. Without any repairs, the continue drips will create condensation, thus growing molds. And it’s not healthy too since molds can stick on the floor, in the air, on the walls which causes health problems.


When worst comes to worst and the only thing that you don’t want to happen in your home is flooding. But stuff like this happens if you won’t – it only needs one leaking pipe or tap – and it will burst with water without you even knowing. So, imagine not being at home when that happens. That’s pretty scary.


Call Your Plumber

You need to call your plumber DIY can complicate it even more. Even if you have enough experience for fixing things, it will not hurt a thing if you but leave this one to the professionals. There are number of ways that you can fail in this department. You need to know the ins and outs in fixing a leaky tap. It may be just the tap or the pipe and just making sure it won’t drip again – but one small mistake, and it could lead to larger ones.

It would help if you had someone that has the complete tools to get things done since this is not a regular repair using glue or a wrench – and unfortunately, doing your research will not make things easier. But hiring one for the job is the right choice. A plumbing service can help you navigate through the problem and then make sure that it’s fixed. With a work done by a professional, rest assured that you won’t be facing any issues in the furture.

When to  Call For One?

It’s easy; if there’s a leak or a drip or your water is discolored – call them asap. It’s better than the first signs of a leaky tap or pipe is reported before it gets much worse.


Knowing Your Plumber

Most plumbing services around your area do general plumbing. We are plumbers with experience that already know their way around your pipes and taps. Our work is not merely to unclog sinks, drains, or toilets. We provide excellent service that you can call for your plumbing needs.

A well-equipped plumber can surprise you. Most hard-knocked services are complete with tools, especially one that has a camera or a CCTV drain inspection. This is a type of monitoring gadget where we use a tiny CCTV monitoring system into the drain.

Plumbers To Your Door offer a 24/7 service. You can call us at any given time should there be an emergency. Services like this one understand the urgency when it concerns plumbing, whether it is on pipes, drains, or taps.

Another thing that’s great about our guys is aside from plumbing services; we also work around bathroom renovation. We install vanity, shower, and complete it proper plumbing for the new bathroom.



The first solution to the problem is by calling it in and acquiring professional services instead of doing it yourself. Once you think that you are dealing with a leaking tap, make sure to call your plumbers before it gets any worse.

Leaking tap? We can fix it for you in no time. Taps of all sizes and complexities, Plumber To Your Door is a rated service provider to do the job right. 

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