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Finding out that your toilet is leaking is the last thing that you want to deal with. It is not only causing you inconvenience, but a leaky toilet can also do water damage. If it continues to happen and you fail to fix it, this problem can cause you a lot of money on damage costs.

Yes, some leaks can go undetected. But most of the time, it shows signs and indicators to let you know that you are having Leaking Toilets issues and that it needs immediate repair. To help you determine the problem, here are the red flags to take notice of:


Audible Noises From Your Toilet

If you notice some noises from your toilet after you flush, that means that the water continues to run. Most often, this is caused by a slight disturbance in the tank. This issue is usually from the toilet flush or the fill valve. If you have this problem, then yes, there is a leak. If this continues to happen, you will end up having to pay more on your water bill.


Smell of Sewage

You should not smell sewage inside your toilet. And when you do, then that is a clear sign that there is a plumbing issue. It can be because your toilet bowl is leaking. It can also be because the pipes are leaking too. Most often, the smell is not from a raw sewage leak. It can be from a leak in the vent pipe just behind the toilet. It is where natural gasses can be released that directly connects to the sewer. This issue should be dealt with right away. Some sewage gasses like methane can be detrimental to your health.


Leaks From Bottom of Tank

If you find a pool of water at the base of your toilet, it can be because of a leak from the tank. It is a pervasive issue in older toilet models, as well as for bathrooms that are used frequently. If this happens, you need to get in touch with your trusted plumber to have it fixed right away. Or else, it can cause more problems and more charges on your water bill.


Stains Around the Toilet Floor

If you regularly clean your toilet and you notice some stains forming around it, then yes, there’s a leak. The stains are usually yellow, gray, or brown at the base of the toilet. It is the first sign of a leak. If you notice some blemishes around the toilet, this can be a good indication that there is water damage.


Damp Floor

Most home toilets have rags. So if you feel any dampness, that is a sign of leaking. Sometimes, the moisture of the floor only happens when the water pressure is intense. If you notice rippling water, or if there are stains around the base of your toilet with dampness, then that is a sure sign that there is a leak to take care of.


Immediate Solution for a Leaking Toilet

If you have a leaking toilet, you might wonder if what is the best solution? Toilet replacement is the best option for you. If you have been having plumbing problems most of the time and it is associated with your toilet, it is best to have it replaced soon. Doing this can end up saving you more money and trouble. The continuous repair can break your budget in the long run. So if your plumber suggests replacing your toilet instead of having to deal with frequent repairs, agree with the expert. They know what is best for you and how to help you avoid such problems in the future.


Get A Reputable Plumber in Townsville

If this is the first time for you to find a good plumber in your area, choosing one can be a challenge. Yes, there are so many plumbers in Townsville, but you need to hire the company or the person that you can trust. Remember that you will be letting this person or these people inside your home. So you must know that you can trust them and we have just that! So here’s how you can carefully choose from the Townsville plumbers:

  • Know What You Need To Fix. Before anything else, be aware of the type of plumbing issue that you need to take care of. Make sure that it’s related to plumbing, or else you will be wasting your time and the plumbers time if it’s unrelated to their job. Have a detailed description of your issue written down on a piece of paper to efficiently explain to the plumber what your problem is.
  • Referrals. Find a good and trustworthy plumber through referrals. If you know someone from the area, ask if they have a plumber that they can recommend. If you do not know anyone locally, here’s a tip for you. Most homeowners in Townsville trust Plumber To Your Door. It is a 24/7 plumbing services provider that you can call any time of the day no matter what the plumbing issue is.

Hiring a plumber is not that difficult anymore. Aside from trusting the ones that are popular in this field. So if you are having leaking toilet issues as mentioned above, it is best to call an expert to have it fixed. Sure, DIY solutions are possible, but it is fitting if a real plumber fixes it for you. This way, you can avoid more problems in the future.

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