How Can Your Local Plumber Help With Sustainability

How Can Your Local Plumber Help With Sustainability

How Can Your Local Plumber Help With Sustainability

When it comes to statistics, 90% of Australians care about environmental sustainability, which is good. What’s not so good is that the country ranks 35th in its efforts to meet all the Sustainable Development goals.

Granted, matters around sustainability can often seem intimidating. They need not be. As an individual, you can make simple changes to live more sustainably and contribute to national sustainability efforts. And it’s okay to need and accept help along the way. For example, do you know your plumbing can be more sustainable?

Here are ways your local plumber can help you run a more sustainable household.

1. Modern Toilets

Toilets account for about one-third of home water use, making them an excellent place to begin your quest for plumbing sustainability.

Older toilets use three times more water compared to modern, green, low-flow toilet models. Don’t worry about a low-flow toilet not getting the job done properly. Developments over the years make these toilets just as effective as older models, only more efficient.

Your plumber will be well conversant with the best brands in the market and would be happy to point you in the right direction.

2. Fixtures

Water-efficient and water-flow optimising faucets and showerheads are readily available today. These reduce water usage, which is great for your pocket and the environment.

Newer faucets will also give good pressure with less water output.

If your home is relatively new, there is a good chance that it already has modern fixtures. If not, call us at Plumber To Your Door, and we shall inspect your home and advice accordingly.

3. Using Rainwater To Run Plumbing

You can put rainwater to good use by utilising it for various purposes around your property.

One of the ways plumbing sustainability can be implemented is by having your plumber connect a rainwater tank to your toilet, irrigation machine and garden taps.

Many local authorities also offer incentives for people that trap rainwater for domestic use. It might be worthwhile checking if you are eligible for this.

4. Solar Water Heating

Australia gets enough sunshine throughout the year to make solar heating feasible.

Currently, there are 3 million rooftop solar installations in the country. These make a significant contribution to minimising Australia’s emissions.  

If you opt to take this route, remember to check your eligibility for one of Australia's many solar energy rebates and incentives. You will make significant savings from these and on utility bills over time. Once the system is up and running, your local plumber will easily connect your heating to the panel.

The Bottom Line

Eco-friendly plumbing is something you should definitely look into. Aside from its contributions to the environment, you also notice that you utilise less, meaning you make cash savings on utilities as well.

At Plumber To Your Door, we have a well-qualified team that doesn't stop at handling your installations. We go a step further to advise on how to make your plumbing more sustainable, so you can do your bit for the environment and save some cash.

Call us today with any questions, to book an inspection or for any plumbing work you need done.


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