How Google Helps Find Local Plumbers

How Google works to find local plumbers

How Google Helps Find Local Plumbers

How do you find a local plumber to fix your dripping faucets, repair your water heater, or install new plumbing components and products?


Whether you ask for recommendations from friends and family, contact plumbing trade associations or ask other tradespeople, a quick online search will always get you the right local service company for your needs.

Around 48% of all searches on Google are local.

But have you ever wondered how Google helps find local businesses—local plumbers, to be precise? Google constantly updates its local algorithms to connect plumbers with local customers. Here’s how it works.



Relevance is a crucial component of Google’s local algorithm. For example, when you search for a local business category—“local plumbers near me,” Google serves up the most relevant content.

Google defines relevance by how well a local plumber profile matches your search query—for instance, whether the plumber sells or has attributes you’re searching for.

Local plumbers must consider the following to create a relevant listing;

●       Local page signals

●       Local listing categories and attributes

●       Social posts and online review responses



How well-regarded and popular is the plumber in the local market? Google determines a plumber's prominence based on reviews and citation volume.

For instance, a plumber with more reviews and positive ratings will have a high chance of ranking in local searches. Here are some review-related factors Google considers;

●       The average star rating and volume of reviews

●       Business response ratio—the number of reviews a plumber comments on


Local plumbers that read and respond to online reviews boost their prominence. A slight difference in the response rates could make a difference in the business’s appearance in Google’s 3-Pack.

Moreover, local citations like business name, address, and phone number rank businesses higher on Google. The search engine examines citation volume and other factors to determine whether a plumber has high authority.


The Plumber’s Proximity

Google considers the plumber’s proximity to the searcher in ranking local searches. For instance, when you type “plumber near me” on Google search, the search engine will look for plumbers closest to your location. And even if you don’t include “near me” in your query, Google will still infer local intent.

However, the search engine will adjust results based on whether you include a specific location in your search. For instance, “best plumber in Townsville” will show results for Townsville even if you’re in Queensland.

Note: Proximity search results depend on other modifiers you include in your query. For instance, if you include the qualifier “best,” Google will only show plumbing businesses with four stars or higher.


Your Current Location

Google uses your current location to give you relevant results for your searches. Also, this is how the search engine serves relevant content, even when you don’t include “near me” in your queries.

Therefore, updating your location settings when using Google search services helps the search engine serve more relevant content to you.


A Plumber To Your Door

If you need plumbing services, you can trust Google to show you plumbers close to you. Google’s local search algorithm serves up content based on the plumber’s relevance, prominence, and proximity. Of course, you also want to update your current location to get more relevant results.

Looking for a plumber close to you? Plumber To Your Door is right next to your house. Contact us for all your plumbing needs in Townsville. 


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