Our home plumbing systems are an essential part of your house, but because they are often overlooked, we tend to ignore small problems and only call a plumber once it gets worse or out of control. 

You need to think of your plumbing system like it's human and not wait for the last possible second to seek help if there is a problem, because even a small leak can cause thousands of dollars in damages if left unfixed. 

For those of you who are still unsure of whether you need to call your plumber, here is a list to show you when you need to call your plumber. 


Like I mentioned above, leaks can become massive problems if left unchecked and can cause a lot of structural damage. You can spot a leak just by looking at your taps or pipes and be aware of damp spots in or around your bathroom, also don't be surprised if the leak spreads to rooms around the bathroom area. 

Change in water pressure  

This is a big thing during the winter months where pipes freeze during the night causing blockages and, in some cases, cracking in the pipes due to the ice expanding and contracting. So, during the upcoming cold months’ pay attention to any changes in your water pressure and call a plumber if you sense a change. 

Blocked Drains 

This is a very common problem and nothing to be embarrassed about but can cause several issues such as bad smells, so it's best to get them unblocked ASAP. 

Damaged Roof 

Most people wouldn't expect a plumbing service to deal with roof damage, but it's common practice so if you find a part of your roof that's damaged, or a gutter that has holes or other forms of damage then call your local plumber to come and fix it. 

Water temperature  

We often take our hot water for granted especially in the cold winter months when we need it the most, so identifying any problems with your water temperature and getting them assessed by a professional is so important. If there is a problem, then it's most likely your water heater which is essential for so many things around your home, so you should get the problem fixed as soon as possible. 

There are many plumbing services around Townsville, but only one can handle all of these issues and more. 

I'm of course talking about Plumber To Your Door which is stationed in Townsville and is the most qualified plumbing service in the area. They also boast a staff filled with experienced professionals who are trained to tackle any plumbing issue to may have. 

If you head on over to our Facebook page, you will see we have a 4.6 rating from our past customers which shows how committed we're to only doing high-quality work. 

If you live in and around the Townsville area and have a plumbing issue, call us on 1800 4PLUMBER or 0429 949 491 and get that problem sorted. 



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