2019 has been a crazy year, and as we come to the wards the end, we are going to look back at some of the amazing ideas people have had for their bathrooms.

The bathroom is a room that is often overlooked when the thought room redesign comes around since we tend to mostly focus on central areas such as kitchens, dining rooms and lounge rooms. Bathrooms, however, they can be customised to reflect your tastes and preferences.

People have come up with some very interesting and unique designs while incorporating new innovations in the plumbing industry to make the ultimate bathroom.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Rainfall Shower

These are relatively new but have taken the world by storm quite literally since these showerheads replicate what it's like being in a rainstorm, they have a winder head which creates a larger space for water to drop. If you've ever fantasised about having a shower in a rainforest then this shower head is definitely for you.

Wooden Bathroom

Tiles are so 2018 and are quite boring to some so why not have a wood wall instead? This will give your bathroom a  more natural look, and the darkened colour will help in relaxing you after a hard day at work.

Glowing Mirror

Good lighting is essential for a bathroom, but are you satisfied with generic lights in the roof? If not, then the flowing mirror idea might just be for you. This involves having small lights placed behind your mirror, which gives off the effect that it's glowing.

Black Tiles

Black is back people, and it's starting to edge out white tiles as the preferred bathroom colour and for a good reason. Having a black tiled bathroom will be easy on the eyes early in the morning when you first wake up and will be a welcome sight after being away from all day when you finally get home.

Large Showers

No one likes a cramped shower since we don't just go in there to wash ourselves, we also go in there to relax after a hard day at work. Having a large shower allows freedom of movement, which is much more comfortable than a tight space you can't move around in.

Above Counter Sinks

We've all seen these sinks in upscale hotels or restaurants, but now regular people are starting to realise their appeal in their own bathrooms. These are different than your normal sinks that are inside a counter and will give your bathroom a more elegant feeling.

These are all great ideas, but you should always consult professionals before making any kind of decisions about your bathroom.

If you live in and around the Townsville area and need a qualified plumber that is not only local but will literally do it all, call Plumber To Your Door on 1800 4PLUMBER and talk to us about what you need for your bathroom.

We also have a 24/7emergency service for those problems that happen outside usual business hours.


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