5 Questions To Ask A Qualified Plumber

5 Questions To Ask A Qualified Plumber

It’s never a good idea to hire a plumber blindly. Many homeowners will have a horror story or two about a plumber they hired who not only failed to fix the problem but made it worse. There are also great plumbers that will do a...

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plumbing myths

Biggest Plumbing Myths

Most homeowners will only give their plumbing a thought when something goes wrong- which is the absolute worst time. We all know how damaging plumbing problems can be and how expensive plumbing issues can get. Still, plumbing has alw...

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How to reduce your water bill in Townsville

Average Water Bill Townsville | Average Water Bill Facts

With recent years of seeing severe droughts and dam levels dropping, the Townsville City Council has released the Ross River Dam Emergency Plan and water restrictions to conserve Townsville water levels. While restrictions are easing, th...

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Why you need a plumber for the rainy season

It's been a wet start to 2021, with tropical cyclones devastating Australian coastlines. Tropical cyclones are considered one of Australia's most devastating weather events because they are hard to predict. What we do know is we&...

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plumber insights townsville

10 Plumbing Insights

Plumbing work is perhaps one of the most important housework along with an electrician. Faulty faucets and pipes can cause a flood not only for you, but for all the neighbors around you, which bodes huge cash costs. We will help you avoi...

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What to do when there is a leak?

What To Do When There Is a Flood?

  There is always a chance that something can go wrong with the plumbing system in a home. Statistically, every house or an apartment experiences the neglect of a neighbour who forgot to turn off the bath tap and let the water e...

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Tips On How To Maintain Your Property In a Tropical Climate

Tips For Maintaining Your Property In a Tropical Climate

If you have a home in a tropical climate, you must know how to maintain it properly. A tropical climate is a ‘non-arid climate.’ It merely means that the temperature in these areas is about 30° celcius throughout the year...

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Plumbing Tips Australia

2020 Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner and Building Manager Needs to Know.

What better way to start off the year 2020 and indeed the new decade than with cool plumbing maintenance tips that every homeowner could use? If you’re an existing homeowner or an aspiring one, then you will find the following usef...

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New plumbing tips for households

New Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know In 2020

No one should ever have to deal with a leaking faucet low water pressure and clogged pipes. Unfortunately, plumbing is always least appreciated until it actually breaks down. If you are on this website then you most probably have called ...

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Ever wondered why the colour might be different than usual coming from the tap?


We always think our water will be that pure clear colour, but sometimes certain things happen, and it becomes darker, which can mean a multitude of things. Usually, it won't be a case of the water being poisonous or harmful, but ...

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